We use language to connect our clients to the world.

We work hard to ensure that their ideas, products and services reach the four corners of the globe.

We do that by developing specialist linguistic services in the fields of translation, interpretation, localisation and subtitling.


We translate all manner of content in any specialty area, no matter what format it comes in. Our enthusiastic team is expert in such areas as legal translations, tourism and multimedia.


You no longer have to handle your negotiations and meetings with your overseas suppliers on your own. We will be beside you to ensure you don’t miss out on even the smallest detail, and that you obtain the best possible result.


Your audio-visual material without any linguistic barriers. We transcribe and subtitle your message so that it can reach the entire world.


Guarantee the accuracy of the contents of the documents you need to translate. Legitimise your documentation to ensure you can gain access to any country.

The Kyó method or, how we just love it when things turn out well

1. Analysis

We examine all our client’s needs to come up with a personalised solution.

2. Presentation

We crosscheck, finetune and approve the proposal with the client. We prepare a schedule and then we get down to work.

3. Delivery

The Kyó Project Manager communicates with the client regularly. His or her job is to ensure that the proposed planning target is met.

4. Monitoring

A project is always alive. In Kyó we prepare a monitoring plan that ensures the project’s success.

Our clients aren ´ t just looking for services, they’re looking for SOLUTIONS


We work with the best translation, management and layout tools.

We are expert users of translation software such as Studio SDL, MemoQ or Wordfast, we work in the cloud with quick and secure file management tools and we’re dab hands at HTML and PHP code and at such layout software as InDesign or Freehand.

We believe in direct, regular and close-at-hand communication.

In Spain, we say “People understand each other by talking to each other”, but actually, the only way to really understand what somebody needs is by listening to them. In Kyó we advocate direct, regular, close-at-hand and professional communication that ensures that every decision we take helps to move the project forward to a successful conclusion.

We redefine the TIME-QUALITY-PRICE equation.

We know that mathematics is an exact science and that our clients don’t want to see any unknown quantities in their service equations. In Kyó, we believe in offering the best possible quality at a competitive price, always respecting the deadlines set for every project. There is no magic formula, quality comes at a price and it’s high time to insist on receiving a job well done.

We are here to help you. That is our speciality.


Web translation and localisation are vital for any company that wants to be active on the Internet.

It’s not just a matter of translating what you have on your website; the message and the tone has to be tailored to the idiosyncrasies and the culture of the destination market (localisation).

Kyó Traducciones has been providing specialist website and web page translation services for years now. We work with specific translation tools (Trados SDL, MemoQ, Wordfast) and web editing software that allows us to work with HTML, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, XML, CSV etc., and with leading CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Woocommerce, Drupal or OsCommerce.

Nevertheless, a good web translation and localisation service also requires knowledge and reconciliation of the SEO (the organic positioning of the page through the content of the website), so that all the hard work that goes into positioning the website isn’t wasted when the content is translated into another language.

We work on any type of platform and language to adapt and translate your company’s online content above and beyond your website. This may include newsletters, posts, digital dossiers, professional or personal profiles in corporate directories and professional social networks such as LinkedIn, SEM advertising in Google, Yahoo or Bing etc., or any manner of information or commercial documents that your company has on the Internet.

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Companies involved in international business may find themselves immersed in judicial processes for which they may have to submit duly translated documentation. An error in translation in any document required in a court of law may entail the loss of millions of Euros or the company’s corporate reputation.
For this reason, legal translation requires that the translator should fully understand legal language and that he or she should be familiar with the terminology and have a good grounding in law.

In Kyó, we work with a team of legal translation specialists so that our clients can rest assured that the nature of the do
ment shall not be lost in translation.



In recent years, video has become the undisputed king of web content.

Its capacity to synthesise messages and to attract the public has made it the preferred option for companies that want to introduce and communicate their products and services to the world.

Be that as it may, all that effort to be ahead of the pack when it comes to online content serves for absolutely nothing if the video, be it a presentation of the company’s services or an explanation of its products, is not subtitled and localised to ensure that it reaches potential new markets.

In Kyó, our subtitling work enhances the value of our clients’ videos to ensure that their messages reach the four corners of the globe.



In today’s world, companies are able to reach any and every part of the globe. Whenever a company sets out on a process of internationalisation, it needs to prepare documentation in the language or languages that are required in the country in which it intends to operate. To safeguard its future international relationships, the company clearly needs to avoid running any risks when it comes to translating its articles of association, contracts or notarised documents, etcetera.

In Kyó, we provide a sworn translation service to expedite companies’ internationalisation activities, backed up by our expertise in handling assignments of this nature. Contrary to common belief, sworn translations do require revision: just because a translator is authorised to carry out official translations, that does not mean that he or she never makes a mistake. To be on the safe side, we always revise sworn translations.